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Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Madison, South Dakota

Remove your dental pain with wisdom teeth extraction at Madison Family Dental!

Do you have a consistent, dull ache at the back of your jaw? Wisdom teeth begin to grow into the mouth around 17 to 22 years of age and can create an unbearable amount of pressure in the jaw. Although some people are born without wisdom teeth, a majority of the population will have to deal with the often detrimental side effects of these molars. To find out what needs to be done for your smile, please call us today to arrange your consultation.

Long ago, these molars were necessary, as people had often lost teeth by their late teens and were born with a larger jaw. However, in this day and age, wisdom teeth have become as useful as an appendix and usually create more trouble than they’re worth. Because modern jaws are much smaller than their prehistoric counterparts, wisdom teeth frequently become impacted and therefore cannot fully erupt above the gums. This creates a large amount of pressure and can even result in problems with alignment.

During a wisdom teeth extraction, your Madison Family Dental team will work swiftly and carefully to remove these teeth. Your dentist will provide individualized follow-up care, and you’ll rest assured knowing that you’re in safe hands.

Please call us today to schedule your wisdom teeth consultation. Madison Family Dental regularly sees patients from Madison, Brookings, Dell Rapids, Mitchell, and the surrounding South Dakota areas for wisdom teeth extractions. Is this the first time you’re coming to our family dental practice for your needs? If so, please take a moment to review the information that we have listed on our new patients page.