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Digital Radiographs in Madison, South Dakota

We protect your overall health with digital radiographs at Madison Family Dental!

For each of our new patients (and to update the records of our current patients), we will take digital radiographs of your jaw and teeth. Don’t be alarmed by this terminology! A digital radiograph is simply a technical way of saying that we need to take a digital X-ray, or a digital image of your mouth.

We prefer digital radiographs over traditional X-rays because:

  • When we use digital technology, it reduces your exposure to harmful radiation by 90% when compared to conventional methods.
  • We can produce twice the images per hour as we would be able to with a regular machine.
  • The images are available immediately, with no development period necessary. It’s also possible to immediately transfer the images over the computer or a mobile phone network!
  • Digital radiographs are generally clearer and consist of a higher overall quality, which means that our dentists and staff can identify problem areas faster and with more certainty.
  • With a digital image, we’re not negatively impacting the planet. The chemical waste produced by a traditional X-ray has been shown to cause damage to the surrounding environment. We help keep Madison patients and nature healthy by using digital radiographs!

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Madison Family Dental, please call us today. We regularly see patients from Madison, Brookings, Mitchell, Dell Rapids, and other South Dakota towns for a variety of dental treatments. To learn more about the different types of procedures that we perform, please look at our services page. Will this be your initial visit to our dental office? If so, please take a moment to review the information that we have listed on the new patient page. We can’t wait to begin helping you improve your overall oral health!