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Crown and Bridge Therapy in Madison, South Dakota

Permanently restore your smile with crown and bridge therapy from Madison Family Dental!

A bridge is a dental prosthetic that can fill in the space left behind by as many as three teeth in a row. It’s attached to adjacent teeth in the smile with dental crowns and provides a degree of permanency that other restorative procedures cannot offer. With crown and bridge therapy, you’ll be able to eat, chew, and smile as if you never had experienced tooth loss in the first place!

Your Madison Family Dental dentist will carefully record the appearance and coloring of other teeth along your gum line so that the bridge can be created to blend into your smile. A licensed ceramist will make your bridge, and once we receive it, we’ll call you back to have it placed. The bridge is made from materials that won’t accumulate stains like normal enamel does. However, the material will not respond to teeth whitening like normal teeth will, so if you’re searching for a brighter smile, be sure to schedule your whitening procedure before your first bridge consultation.

A dental bridge will protect your oral health, as placing the prosthetic will prevent your teeth from shifting into the gap and altering your bite. Rest assured that your smile can maintain its beauty with this technique.

Please contact us today to schedule your initial crown and bridge therapy appointment. The team at Madison Family Dental regularly sees patients from Madison, Mitchell, Brookings, Dell Rapids, and other close South Dakota towns for crown and bridge therapy examinations. Will this be the first time you experience the quality dental care of Madison Family Dental? If so, please take a moment to briefly go over the information we have detailed on our new patient page. Our team is happy to help you regain your smile with restorative dentistry today!